Something about the Pug


The headline must be: Always happy. The Pug has been by my side since I was a child, and I have never seen at Pug in a bad mood. They establish themselves seriously to humans, and if a stranger comes around, the Pug will give them all their charity. The Pug will quick be all children’s favourable friend, because the Pug loves all the kisses and hugs the children will give them and in the same time the Pug is a very robust dog who loves play with children. 

The Pug is a very social breed, so if you get a Pug you also get at shadow. Even though the Pug sleeps very tightly and will follow you if you leave the room. It wants to bee with you, and in the same, it don't want to miss anything.  

The Pug loves a walk and it is easy to walk with. The Pug will gladly walk by your side. 

The Pug has an affable mind and can be around any other animals. They love to sleep in the bed or in the sofa so they can be by your side all the time, and if you say: No, the Pug will get very sad and here I will claim that a Pug can cry. If a family member has been away for some time, the Pug will sit staring out of the window, sniffing while the tears will make its eye very wet.  

You might ask yourself: Don’t the Pug have any bad habit? Yes, of course. The Pug loves a good meal so much that it will get very fat, if you let them. The Pug will do anything for at good snack, and when you are eating your dinner, you can be sure that, 2 big black eye will follow every step you make while it will hope that a crumb will fall down. Some people find I charming, that some Pug will snore when it sleeping, other hate it. The Pug also hates to go out if the weather is very cold, or if it is raining hard. 

The pug has a tendency of having a lot of tartar so to brush the pugs teeth will be a good idea – you don’t want to faint when he kiss you. The pug can also produce a lot of gas – and it have to com out. Anal gland problems – suddenly you can smell it. We most not forget to tell that the pug shed a lot. Some dogs shed twice a year – in spring and in autumn – but not the pug – he shed all the time. If you don like hair – don’t buy a pug. Black pugs dos not shed so much as the fawn, because the only have single coat. But there is a solution on all this "negative" - the soluiton is called BARF. If you feed you Pug with raw meat, instead of general dry food. You will se 50% les hair on the floor. It wil not "leak", tatar wil be reduced to a minimum, no dry pug-nose and a 100 other benefits.

Pugs dos not demand so much exercise – but he then demand a lot of his owner’s attention. If you have a full time job – perhaps you should chose another race. It is difficult so say fore how long a pug can be a lone at day – but I will mean that 6 ours are maxi mum.  The pug will not eat your furniture but he will be very sad – something a pug never should be.

Some place at the Internet, is a misinformation about the pug. Some writes that the pug is house clean very early – nothing could be more wrong. Some pugs can of course big early house clean – but that is more an exception than a rule. It is not uncommon that your little pug will be 4-5 month old, before he completely understand what is expecting of him. But they can be very different. Once we hade to pug-babies. The both left home when they were 8 weeks old. They were both girls and from the same litter. One of the girls was house clean from day 1 – her sister was 5 month old.